National Center for Cold Water Safety

A Deadly Predator

Every year, warm air temperatures lure people into taking small boats out onto lethally cold water, where a large number of them capsize or fall in - and drown. These folks aren't stupid, or intentionally reckless, and many are good swimmers; they simply have the misfortune of falling into a exceptionally lethal and well-camouflaged trap.

Cold water is a predator - fast, powerful and deadly, with unlimited energy and no need for sleep. A predator so perfectly camouflaged that you can stand right next to it and see absolutely nothing dangerous - just a sparkling invitation to get out on the water and have some fun.

The victims are fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, grandfathers and grandmothers - none of whom expected to die when they went out that final time.

Cold water preys on the unsuspecting, the unwary, and the careless, but it also lurks offshore, waiting patiently for those with plenty of experience who don't take it seriously.