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Accident Analysis
Outdoor Adventure Safety Consulting 

Safety Consulting

Regardless of the outcome of legal proceedings, when a fatality occurs in an outdoor program due to lack of adequate safety protocol best practices, everyone loses.  Friends and family of the deceased, the company, organization, or academic institution involved, and the program or outing in which the fatality occurred.  The great tragedy is that with very few exceptions, these deaths are completely preventable.

Accident Analysis / Expert Witness Consultation

Expert Witness Consultation and Testimony

Accident Investigation, Analysis, Lessons Learned

Experience investigating hundreds of fatal and near-fatal incidents.


Program Evaluation, Design, Staff Training

Examples of accidents involving University Programs:

Gonzaga University 2012 - $400,000 settlement.

Northwestern University 2017

Iowa State University Rowing 2021

Mary Washington University, Fredericksburg 2017

Occupational Safety Training

Heat and Cold Stress Reduction for Outdoor Occupations



Utility Companies

State Transportation Departments

Law Enforcement Marine Operations


Government Program Consultation

Review of Existing Resources / Identification of Misinformation

Development of Outreach Materials

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